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As far back as I can remember, I've always loved health and fitness. When I was in the 6th grade, my teacher asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up. My response was, "An NBA player or doctor." She said sports medicine may fit me well. As an 11-year-old, I didn’t think much of it.

Fast forward to 2009, and I was 40+ lbs heavier three years post high school — with no gym teacher to tell me to do jumping jacks. A friend of mine invited me to the gym.

After not working out in about 3 years, I joined the gym the next day and never looked back. I met a trainer who helped me and showed me the impact you can have on someone’s life through coaching. As I began to see the changes I wanted to see, friends took notice and wanted my help.

By simply helping people with tips, workouts and accountability—without thinking much of it, besides wanting to get them to where they wanted to be—I soon found my passion.

A friend of mine said I was pretty good at it and had a true knack for connecting with people and getting them to their goals as a health coach.

In 2015, I joined the Equinox fitness team and moved up to become a Tier 3+ coach, the second highest rank in the company.

During my six years with the company, I became more than just a strength and fitness coach. I became certified in Kettlebell Level 1, Pre/Post-Natal Training, and became a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach. Along with these certifications, I sharpened my program design skills and ultimately learned how to better customize a program to fit my clients’ goals.

As I began training for a 2016 marathon (my first one ever), I took on a new client: myself.

I began to study running, subsequently becoming a running coach.
So far I’ve done 13 half marathons and 5 full marathons (and counting). 

I’ve had personal heartbreaking disappointments during my full marathons, like in 2017 when I limped across the finish line and collapsed, having to be escorted to a medical tent. But I’ve also had personal victories, like when I sprinted down the home stretch in 2018 and 2019. Through it all, I can say my true accomplishments that really matter to me are the countless lives I've touched. 

Listening and communicating with patience and understanding are qualities that mean the world to me. It’s deeper than reps, sets, weights, calories and mileage. It's about how I can help my clients reach THEIR OWN happy outcome!

Now, this may be a slight stretch, but perhaps my 6th grade teacher wasn't far off in her predictions.

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